Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tensions Rising

As believers, those who eagerly await the coming of our Lord for His church can't help but get excited when something happens that appears to be a sign of His imminent return. As I have often said, the fact that Jesus told us to watch for the signs of His return is proof enough that He intended to give us warning if we would but watch. As such, the developments in the Middle East continue to provide us with signs that are hard to ignore. My personal feeling is that since I believe so strongly that we could leave here any day, I have to acknowledge that my perspective can be biased when looking at the situation in the Middle East. Yet I have come to know that when the world begins to notice and get concerned, the chances are that what we see might be very significant indeed.

The following links to commentaries will convey the concern the world has for the evolving situation in that part of the world which God has spoken so much about, and where the future of this age will be prophetically fulfilled.

Keep watching.